Brad Palmer of Dennison TX – Electromechanical Expert

Brad Palmer of Dennison TX is not just an excellent service manager for Control Solutions and Automation, Inc., but he is also the supervisor for the entire electromechanical department as well as the company’s machinery floor. He is certified in a wide range of mechanical practices such as laser measurement systems, programmable logic controllers (PLC), robotics and many more. He is a highly qualified and professional electromechanical engineer who is dedicated to seeing every project through to the end and ensuring that each one reflects his particular standards for perfection.

Brad Palmer Dennison TX

Brad Palmer Dennison TX

It takes a very particular set of skills to correctly and effectively deign automated components and robotics. Brad Palmer of Dennison TX is more than just the talent, though. His abilities for building customer relationships set the bar for the entire industry, and his dedication to making each project perfect is unmatched by anyone else. No matter what your custom design solutions are, Brad Palmer of Dennison TX and his skilled crew at Control Solutions and Automation, Inc. are here to get you the best possible results.

Brad Palmer and his staff are all highly trained and qualified, however each has their own specialty in some aspect of the robotics sector. Collectively, the team holds certifications with programmable logic controllers such as Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Siemens, GE, Hitachi, Direct Logic, Click, and Modicon. They also work with the robotics of Nachi, Kawasaki, Motoman, Kuka, ABB, and Fanuc. Lastly, they also work with vision systems such as Cognex, Keyance, and Omron.



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